Well... If I'd had this website all my life I would have no doubt written blog entries about playing music with The Living Daylights at places like The Works festival, or campfires at the North Country Fair, or the house concert in my parent's tastefully decorated garage. I would have written about filming Dead City Punks and The Chubby Cuddler as both an actor and, in the latter, as a creator. I would have obviously written about my broken back, and realistically, I still might. I may have written about losing one of my role models in music (rest in peace Tony Sly!) and subsequently about my views on drugs. And I would have almost certainly written about how podcasts, both listened to and participated in, have helped me form my opinions and get to know myself. But I haven't had this website all these years and I've never written a "blog" entry... until now. ;)

Finger Face is obviously ready to take on the world. Just look at his ring helmet.


Hmmm. The ratio of winky faces I send to girls vs. guys is extremely lopsided. I, of course, am just realizing this now as I ponder over whether or not to include emoticons or text speak in my blog entries. I suppose after writing about it I'm a little pot committed. :s lol Oh society, how I both loathe and love you.

I mean, if Buddy Christ can use 'em...

I mean, if Buddy Christ can use 'em...


I've just gotten home tonight from watching the UFC and narrowly winning $5.00 in a bet with a friend. There was a time when I thought that combat sports were only for douche bags, but it's the power of podcasting (thanks Joe Rogan) that turned me around on the UFC. I still think that the ratio of douchebags within the scope of the UFC fans is higher than any other sport, I mean, there are plenty of shiny T-shirts that support my theory, but I have come to respect the fighters, especially those who are true masters of their martial arts. Joe has pointed out numerously that it is the most pure form of competition, and I admittedly do have a fairly competitive spirit; get me on the golf course and I'm trouble! And I think that we are instinctively drawn to it, at least it feels like that to me. And Gosh darn it, I like winning money in bets. So I will look forward to the next UFC, or MFC where I will be able to cheer on friends of mine who are fighting.


Anyways, I suppose for a first blog this is about enough. After all, I still need to work on making the website look like it was done by someone with some idea of what they are doing. Thank you for reading this, and for the support that you have most likely shown be by coming to my shows, or listening to the podcast, or buying something from me here on the interwebs. Someday I will master technology, but it's late right now and I have other things to master. ;)


Much love,


Reuben Anderson

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