Reuben Anderson, as you've heard, is a singer, songwriter and all round creative person.

Reuben Anderson is a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta and has been performing music in Canada for the last 15 years. He is a founding member of the folk band The Living Daylights and they have been going strong since June of 2009. As if that wasn't enough, Reuben is also a cohost of Edmonton's number one comedy podcast Hijacked Headspace. And, of course, that would have been enough, but Reuben also writes sketch comedy, has acted in short film and sketch, and has most recently taken to poetry. What's next, finger painting? I sure hope so

On February 20th of 2013 Reuben broke his L1 vertebra on a ski jump and has since written a show inspired from that experience. Along with the clever songs we've come to expect from Reuben, the show includes some live acting, some video components, some spoken word, and an interactive piece where the audience members are asked to draw on a blank page in the show's program while Reuben plays one of his instrumental songs. A broken back sure hasn't slowed his creativity, nor has it stifled his ability to put on a really fun show. Reuben will probably break his back again in the near future to find more creativity and inspiration.

Reuben saved me from a burning building, then went back in to get my cat. And he hates cats, so you know it was really for me.
— Damsel formerly in distress


You have probably heard Reuben play music. Next to his shockingly rugged good looks and surprising athleticism, his music is what he's primarily known for. But in the video below Reuben follows one of his many other passions. Beautiful women-er- I mean, comedy. The video was written by Reuben Anderson and Ryan Byrne and stars Cadence Burns, Reuben Anderson, and Lindsay Kalan. Camera/sound work by Jesse Nash.

No animals were harmed in the making of this video... probably.


Here are some random pictures of Reubs taken over the last 15 years, or so. In various states of beard.


Maybe the video below should be in Reuben's Solo Project page. But I think it says as much about him as it does his loving family. Or at least his mom.

Did you actually think Reuben wouldn't write a cute song for his mom on Mother's Day? C'mon?!?!